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Tuesday, April 12, 2016 05:55 PM

Latest News:  ** Congratulations Shri Girish Natu For being nominated as Associate Vice President of Badminton Association of India by Shri AkhileshJi Gupta, President BAI. Shri ArunJi Lakhani, President MBA conveys his best wishes....   **      Congratulations to Akshay Dewalkar of Maharashtra for winning the Mens Doubles Title for the 2nd time at the Senior National Badminton Championships 2015-16 at Chandigarh.                       **  Final Results for 5th Corporate Badminton Challenge 2016 at Mumbai displayed.                                                     ** BAI Tournament Calendar for 2016-17 as on 10-04-2016 displayed.                                   ** New Circular for PNB-Metlife JBC 2 Junior Tournament 2016 at New Delhi between 26th to 28th April 2016.                                             ** Entry Form for Corporate Badminton Challenge 2016 displayed.                                                    ** Entry Form for Club Badminton Championships 2016 displayed.                                                                      ** Maharashtra Team & Individual Entries for Senior Nationals at Chandigarh displayed.                                                                 ** All India Senior Ranking Badminton Tournament 2016 at Bangalore during March 2016 is Postponed.                                                              ** Draws for All India Senior Ranking Badminton Tournament 2016 at Valsad displayed.                                                    ** Final Results for 24th G.D.Birla Masters Inter-Club Badminton Tournament 2016 displayed.                                                                                                                   **  Coaches workshop by PDMBA at Baramati during February 2016 is postponed. New Dates will be informed later.                                                                               ** List of entries sent for All India Senior Ranking Badminton Tournament 2016 at Atul, Valsad displayed.                                                                          *** Airport Authority of India's Sports Contract & Scholarship Schemes 2016-17 displayed.                                      ** Results for ASA -Maharashtra Sub.Junior State Level Open Badminton Tournament 2016 - NIA, Mumbai displayed.                                     ** Entry Form for 24th G.D.Birla Memorial Maharashtra Masters Inter-Club Badminton Tournament 2016 at Mumbai displayed.

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Winning Team:
Cricket Club of India ( Division 1) & Khar Gymkhana ( Division 2)

With Mr. Vijay Batija from Bhatija Builders, Sports United Director: Mr. Sanket Shetty, MBA secretary: Mr.S A Shetty, GMA President: Mr. Kulin Manek, MSDBA secretary: Mr. Batnaghar, Chief Referee : Sachin Bharti

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